How to Boost Results Using Promotional Products

Like many small business owners, you may discover that choosing business promotional products is quite a fun activity. There are important guidelines to follow, however, that will help boost the quality and number of prospects that are enticed by your marketing efforts.

Professionals who specialize in promotional products will often insist that any purchase be part of an orchestrated plan, with a clear purpose and message aimed at your target audience. Success is then measured by how well it meets your business’s goal with a prospect followup system, say, as part of a trade show or direct mail program.

Of course, the objective may be simple, for example, when a company gives away pens, branded with their business logo, to earn the repeat visibility while in their prospects’ hand, case or handbag.

Promotional Purpose

What are you hoping to communicate? Is it about a product, a limited time promotional offer, professional services, or a special event? Is there a call to action? Make sure you have a clear sense of what you specifically want to communicate before anything else.

Promotional Item Cost

Your business promotional products are an investment. How much are you willing to spend per unit? How much do you expect to get back? How can you measure this? While these questions are often difficult to answer, you should be thinking about your promotional costs and set a budget before making a purchase.

The Best Promotional Product

Deciding what is the best promotional product is subjective, and varies depending on your business and promotional purpose. You probably want the item to relate to your product or service, and be valuable to your prospects. In any case, you’ll want to keep the following two points in mind:


Will a tried and true coffee mug do the trick? Maybe you’ll want to put your logo on a flash memory drive or temporary tattoo? There are a plethora of promotional products in the market, sticking out may not be the best option for your business, but for some businesses it creates an impact and is more memorable, if it is also related to what they sell.

Shelf Life

How long do you want your message to last? You can put your logo on M&M’s candy, but it may not last long in your prospect’s memory after consumed! Do you need to create instant effect, or do you want to be a constant reminder on a desk or fridge perhaps? Your desired shelf life will help you select the best promotional item.

There are thousand of providers of promotional items, probably many in your local area. A smart way to start is asking other companies for experiences. Also, good promotional product sales representatives stays on top of the trends and unique items, often willing to make suggestions once they understand your business and goals.